MSc European Forestry programme

MSc European Forestry is a top class taught masters programme in the field of forest sciences. The quality of the programme was acknowledged by the European Commission, which awarded the MSc European Forestry an Erasmus Mundus status for years 2004-2014.

The MSc European Forestry programme provides academic education in forestry focusing on the international dimension of sustainable forest management issues. The programme is an extra dimension to the already existing educational markets in forestry and nature management in Europe. In this programme, European forestry universities collaborate intensively to offer joint courses as well as their existing curricula, based on the knowledge and experience of forest management for which European forestry was the cradle already centuries ago.

The MSc European Forestry programme responds to the increasing number of issues in forest and nature management at international as well as national levels, which provide a whole range of new challenges and demands for policy making and management at the national, European and wider international level. The European view on forest management is well founded both in the latest research results as well as centuries of experience.

Our graduates are amongst the most sought after in the field by national and international employers alike.

The majority of our graduates are currently employed around the world by organisations such as:

  • Forest and nature management agencies and governmental bodies
  • Research institutions
  • Forest enterprises in paper and pulp industries and saw milling
  • Environmental NGO's

Meet our students: Watch videos and read stories!

The video is made by the European Forest Institute, which is an associate partner to the MSc European Forestry programme. All the programme's consortium universities collaborate closely with the EFI, whose head quarters are located in Joensuu, Finland.